Our Story

ROENO is an acronym
Roeno as Rolando, the founder's name
Roeno like Enos, which in greek means wine.

Cantina Roeno

The history of Agricola Roeno start by the dedication and passion of Rolando Fugatti, which in the '60s, in the Terradeiforti the center of Valdadige, begins to give shape to their dream.

Rolando is a Prussian name meaning "glory of his country" and there is no better name to describe in one word the founder who was one of the first to believe strongly in this border region.

A generous man, devoted to work, only apparently gruff.

Son of farmers but with a wealth of ideas, Rolando was able to guess, the changes that would affect the world of wine and agriculture.

But not only wine. Roeno, besides being a great winery it is also a Locanda and in the '90s has become the most important reference point in the catering and hospitality of the area, dedicated to all those who want to enjoy in a family atmosphere, the authentic flavors of wines and cuisine related to traditional Trentino and Veneto.

Cantina Roeno

People and strong wines, like the century-old vines and the land that produces them

Cantina Roeno

Roberta, Cristina and Giuseppe, with their wealth of diversity today hold different roles in the company; contributing together with their mum Giuliana, great cook, and with a great passion for hospitality, to transform Roeno in a dynamic company, recognizable and appreciated in Italy and in the world.

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